Research areas

The innovation focus of Aeolus is on Wearable Technology & Systems, Operation Oriented Simulation and (Sub) Orbital Space. In all three areas, we know how technology can be applied to help the human operator to perform more effectively and more efficiently, with a high level of user-satisfaction.

Wearable Technology & Systems

Optimizing the man in the loop by improving interfacing or fusion of Human interfaces with the actual operation, whilst protecting the operator.


(Sub) Orbital Space

Optimizing in-flight performance (flight crew), or post-flight performance (transported troops) when returning from suborbital spaceflights.


Operation Oriented Simulation

Optimizing the technology that is essential for the preparation of human operators in extreme conditions.



Aeolus supports two types of projects:

  • (Shared) Research Projects: one or more partners work on a (shared) research project within one of the research areas. Typically ranging from TRL-2 up to TRL-6

  • Applied Projects for development of new products and services: one or more partners work on an applied project for a specific partner/customer. Typically ranging from TRL-5 up to TRL-9


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