3 June 2020

Flight Sensing Shirt tested in-flight

In February 2020 at Sheppard Air Force Base, flight surgeon MAJ Erik of RNLAF/CML tested the latest version of the Flight Sensing Shirt in a T38 fighter. The positive flight test results gave a boost to the development project.


The sensing shirt is under development in an AEOLUS project performed by TNO, Holst Centre and RNLAF/CML. Physiological monitoring sensors are integrated in the pilot's undershirt with flexible electronics. This innovative approach allows for very accurate measurements over sustained periods of time (also under high-g) with minimal comfort burden. 


The shirt has been tested in the human centrifuge in November 2019. Holst is providing the flexible electronics through AEOLUS into the military domain from a health patch, which was developed for the medical domain (hospitals). After initial flight tests in June 2018 in a T6 and T38 fighter at Sheppard Air Force Base, a new AEOLUS project was funded by the Knowledge & Innovation department (K&I) of NL-MoD to start the development of the flight sensing shirt.


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