14 March 2019

Col Joe "Red" Kittinger awarded

5 March 2019 USAF Col (ret.) Joe "Red" Kittinger was awarded the Royal Netherlands Air Force "Ereteken van Verdienste" by Air Commodore Andre Steur. The patron of AEOLUS was described by Commodore Steur as a combat-proven crusty fighter pilot, prisoner of war, test pilot, pioneer and astronaut 'avant la lettre', #BallsOfSteel.


The VSV-symposium of the Technical University Delft (NL) had invited Col Kittinger to provide a keynote presentation. Supported by LT-COL Ted Meeuwsen he held an inspiring presentation "Survival of the fittest" on the challenges he had faced in his long carreer to contribute to the evolution of human factors in aerospace.

The goal of the VSV Symposium 2019 was to involve the students in the ongoing discussion about the disruptive developments which are on our doorstep. Furthermore, it aims to inspire all attendees to participate together in developing the aviation industry of tomorrow.

More information on  Col Kittinger: info and movie


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