The innovation focus of AEOLUS is on Human Performance, Simulation and Training and Wearable Technology & Systems. In all three areas, we know how technology can be applied to support the pilot, aircrew and maintenance personnel to perform more effectively and more efficiently, with a high level of user-satisfaction.


Human Performance

Enhance the understanding of the effect of extreme conditions' stressors (physical and cognitive) on human performance.


Simulation and Training

Create more realistic - operation oriented - simulation and human factors training for pilots and aircrew to better prepare for operating in extreme conditions.


Wearable Technology & Systems

Develop integrated systems solutions to enhance pilots’ performance and safeguard health and safety while operating in extreme and adverse environments.



AEOLUS supports two types of project:

  • Shared Research Project: partners work on a research project typically ranging from TRL-2 up to TRL-6

  • Product Development Project: partners work on the development of a new product or service, typically ranging from TRL-5 up to TRL-9


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