A unique combination of facilities is located within 200 meters of each other at the Human Tech Campus in Soesterberg (NL) .


DESDEMONA, a centrifuge-based simulator, disorientation trainer and advanced research lab in one, is unique in the world and is definitely pushing the limits of movement simulation. This simulator can be used for training and research of extreme situations in the aerospace, naval (sailing) and land (driving) domain.

Human Centrifuge

The Human Centrifuge is operated by the RNLAF-CML for the selection and Anti-G Straining Manoeuvres (AGSM) training of airmen and women, providing g-loads up to 9.0g. The centrifuge is also being used for research, concept development and evaluation of pilot flight equipment.

Hypobaric Chamber

CML owns and operates two hypobaric chambers, or altitude chambers. These chambers are being used for training and research on the effects of high altitude and rapid decompression on the human body, such as hypoxia (low oxygen) and hypobaria (low ambient pressure). 


Climatic Chambers

TNO is conducting experimental research and supports product development in two unique, up-to-date, well equipped climatic chambers. They enable experiments and evaluation tests looking into the performance of professionals who have physically challenging jobs, work under severe operating conditions or have to wear heavy clothing and equipment whilst working. The results of our tests will help measures to be taken that improve their deployability.

Night Vision Lab

CML provides Night Vision Goggle (NVG) training for pilots and aircrew to demonstrate the effects and how to use NVGs.

F-35 Simulator

In its projection dome, TNO operates the unclassified F-35 Simulator "GeMFIRE III", developed for the US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) by Bugeye Technologies and Charles River Analytics. A mobile hypoxia trainer for F-35 pilots of RNLAF is developed on this simulator.

Advanced Spatial Disorientation Simulator

CML owns and operates the AMST AIRFOX ASD Advanced Spatial Disorientation Trainer and Flight Simulator. It is an essential, highly cost effective tool in the modern training system, improving aircrew performance. In 2019 CML and TNO conducted a world's-first hypoxia experiment in the ASD motion simulator.

Helicopter Underwater Egress Trainer

At Gilze-Rijen Airbase, CML-SERE provides Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) to helicopter aircrew in order to be prepared for escaping the aircraft when ditching into water.

Collaborative Training Center (CTC)

In the CTC human factors training and Concept Development & Experimentation (CD&E) is being performed by CML, multiSIM B.V. and TNO.


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