Human Performance Challenge

Hertz versus Heart

As a result of the accelerated pace of innovation of technical systems, as for example in modern aircraft, the system performance is now limited by the capabilities of the human operator. In order to lift the boundaries imposed on system  performance by the human factor, we need to further develop human factors knowledge. But that in itself is not enough. We also need to develop new forms of collaboration: new combinations of expertise and cross-overs between application domains.


Furthermore, time-to-market of innovative ideas needs to be reduced to fully exploit the potential created by the accelerated pace of technical innovation. In order to develop better solutions in a shorter time-frame close cooperation between end-users, manufacturers and researchers is needed for the full length of the innovation process.

F-35 Introduction

With the arrival of the F-35 in Europe, the operational effectiveness and flight safety of the 5th generation is highly dependent on the overall pilot readiness, performance and protection. There is a professional need and growing interest for training, sustainment and enhancement related to human performance. The need for affordability & commonality is felt by several European and FMS countries participating in the F-35 program. An integrated solution with a fundamentally game changing approach is proposed, driven by aircrew and system needs, rather than commercial objectives and competition.


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